Speak Smart – Business Presentation Skills

Essential skills training for every manager, leader, and executive.


LIMITED SPACE – Only 12 seats per class

Speaking in front of any group can be a terrifying experience for many people, even professionals. However, the ability to deliver effective presentations to a variety of business audiences is a critical executive, management and leadership skill.  Speak Smart is a business presentation skills workshop that will teach individuals at all levels to prepare and deliver presentations that are well organized, dynamic, and motivational.

The Speak Smart workshop focuses on eight primary objectives that each participant will achieve:

  • Build a firm foundation for powerful presentations
  • Turn nervous stress into presentation success
  • Use your complete self to communicate
  • Format your message for maximum results
  • Adapt your presentation style for greater impact
  • Make your voice more compelling with personal conviction
  • Confidently enjoy each speaking opportunity
  • Present like a pro in every situation

In addition to great presentation coaching and skills content, each participant will also get to practice specific presentation scenarios that will be videotaped and evaluated during the workshop. Individual feedback will then be provided by the course facilitator. Participants will receive a self-study learning module that recaptures the material presented during the workshop. After you leave the Speak Smart business presentation skills workshop you will have the necessary skills for any type public speaking or business presentation with persuasion and confidence.




To register or for more information, call: (469) 252-2900